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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
LOL.. just saw this one earlier... Tapshift on the back of the steering wheel will always be worthless especially on a road track.

What I did like to see was the firmer shifting and what is sure to be a much tighter tuned transmission than the SS. Makes me go hummmm
I believe Ferrari placed their paddles on the new 458 Italia in a similar position and received some ridicule but their reasoning was that a driver SHOULD NOT be changing gears during a turn...

I know on roadbikes at the track guys shift in a turn all the time and it makes for quicker lap times so I don't see how that concept wouldn't transfer over to 4 wheels. But who am I to judge, Ferrari has one numerous F1 championships so I'm sure they know more than me about racing cars.

I think this is great news for auto owners. I just couldn't justify the extra $1300 Gas Guzzler tax and the $1200 for the auto...But I would definitely be a happy camper if I ordered one this way!
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