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the angle the sun is in relation to the angle of the camera as well as any polarizing lense will play a HUGE factor to the way a metallic car will look. you can tell by the shadows that the corvette was taken at more of an angle to the sun. also, its more rounded in the fender and side areas compared to the camaro so the reflections will be very different, again the angles play an important part to the look you get.

I changed my order to CGM mainly for the cleanliness factor after seeing it next to a black car..... but the DEPTH you get from a clean and super shiny mirror gloss black is second to none..... im so torn .... argggh

i figured it out. ill just havta buy a black convertible too. itll be garaged unless its nice out anywy so i wont have to worry about it being dirty. there. all solved..... now, first i need my camaro, THEN start buildiggn a convertible.....
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