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Originally Posted by camaro4life65 View Post
Im In San Jose, CA and been waiting for over 3 years for this car......several dealerships have closed because of bad times.....However the 3 Chevy dealerships here are the worst they jacked up the price on camoros 10k +.........and then on top of that 3 months ago they were kissing ass trying to get you to buy a chevy now they are rude as hell if you dont want to pay 10k over sticker..............

I told them chyrsler did the sale on 300 when it came out now look what much for good customer service fron chevy...........

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Sends me an email every so often to keep me up to date as to where I'm at on my order, I am at 11 now from 22 when I ordered. Keeps me up to date on events at the dealership. Really nice guy, is excited about the Camaro as well. Member of our forum.

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