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Hi my name is Jason, and I'm an addict. It's been 14 hours since my last 'last mod'. I wasnt able to sleep last night, because I thought of one more mod, my last mod, I swear.

So I got out of bed, took off my camaro5 tshirt and ballcap and took a cold shower. It didn't help. I sat on the couch, with my laptop and iPhone, surfing classified ads with both. I found so many great deals on more mods, I don't know how long I can resist.

I think I need to LOWER the expectations I have for myself, then I will be able to focus on what my last mod will be, but I'm not positive.

If I make it through the day with no more mods, do I get my 24 hour chip? Maybe I can incorporate it into the dash somehow.....

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