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Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post
1. You own more sets of wheels for your Camaro than you do homes. - CHECK
2. Your Camaro has had more exhausts than you have socks in your drawer.- CHECK
3. Your Camaro with mods to date cost more than your first home.- CHECK
4. Your Camaro has been on the dyno more frequently than you have had annual physicals in the same period of time.- CHECK
5. You sleep in a Chevy or Camaro or Camaro5 t-shirt and dream about your next mod.- CHECK - My wife wears the shirts.
6. You know more about your 5th Gen than you do about your wife or husband.- CHECK
7. You are polishing your 5th Gen and admiring your last mod while in your bedroom your wife or husband has fallen asleep naked waiting for you.- Let's not get stupid here.
8. You really believe that you are investing when you spend money on a mod.- CHECK - Investing in fun!
9. You post in your build thread while at the office.- CHECK
10. You took this test.- CHECK

What is your next mod? Direct Port Nitrous!

Is there a 12 step program, or at least some medication?
There is no known cure but more mods alleviate the symptoms I prescribe more mods
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