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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
IIRC, the battery life is around 3 hours or so.

or maybe that was the memory card capability.

but yes, GoPro's will be awesome to have... until the video is of the same person following you (or you following them) for 3 hours

seriously tho, I'm planning on having a few cameras rolling for the cruise.
Well yeah It can get a little boring with the same thing. But You can always change it up every stop by mounting it in a different car.

A buddy of mine is starting his own video company. Starting off with weddings and such, got a gig going with a local arena football team. He suggested this to me when I was talking to him about C5 Fest. So he will be going through all my video and putting together a nice edited video.

You see a lot of these 1-2 min video's on youtube from the previous years and a few 10 min video's from someone with editing skills.

I want to put together a nice long video I can show off to people of the whole event.
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