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Enable your factory radio to add bluetooth or hookup radar detectors etc

Hello everyone

I know I am going to catch some flack on this but as my daily driver I just purchased a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. Basic model just to get to and from the office and save on gas, but hey atleast its a Chevy. With that said I suffer from the bluetooth adiction, and this car doesn't have it and doesn't have Onstar either so no chance of the onstar module change mod. But low and behold through many many hours of looking at wiring diagrams and other technical data I have found that in theory (GM says no but there are alot of things they say no to) it appears that the radio is actually already setup to accept it!

Now you may ask WTF does this have to do with a Camaro and WTF are you doing posting here?!?!?!?!

Here is why. The Cruze and the Camaro both share the same can-buss based audio system.So now you may ask so what? Well as we all know there is a identical equivalant to the Cruze in Austraila, and the closest variant to the Camaro is the Commodore. Well in Austrailia they do not have Onstar and instead through Holden there is a Genuine Holden accessory kit to add bluetooth because appartently from what I read thier in car cell phone laws are 50 times stricter than ours. Now I have tired to find the kit kit but really to no economical avail. Hence I then took it to the books and started researching. The Holden kit is produced by Parrot (they will not sell it in the states its vary odd and uses stardard ISO connectors) Long story short since the Camaro and the Cruze both share the same can-buss base system this mod will work on both. The only difference between the two is the outer control interface but the bare guts and wiring are identical.

Right now if you want to add an integrated aftermarket bluetooth you need to purchase an adaptor harness usually about $100+, a mute module about another $100 and then your bluetooth itself which varries in price but cheapest varients are about $80. So without even taking into effect labor you are looking at a minimum of $280.00 to add aftermarket bluetooth. I have this figure out to a point where you can add it for the cost of the unit so we will use $80.00 and about $20.00 in parts.

I will update you all on my progress but this will work for other things as well such as radar detectors that have radio muting, GPS units and all aftermarket bluetooths.
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