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How Amy came to be.(2005) When i was 16 i saw my first Camaro in person. It was a black '74 my uncle owned. Well he did not take very good care of it and it didn't run at all but i was in love. he offered to sell it to me for 3g's and said he would help me fix it up. My parents at the time though this was a horrible idea, so i never got the car. Fast foward to 2009 im sittting in a H.A.S (hardend aircraft shelter) in the middle of the desert looking @ what to spend my gobs of unused money on, and currently hating my DD back home ('92 535i BMW). so the car shopping begins! well NEVER been a ford fan at all, the Charger was a waste of a name on that grocery getter dodge put out (no offense anyone), challenger was not my style and as far as i know the camaro was still dead:(. So im looking @ trucks (toyota btw) and concept cars I'll never own, then holy grail shows up on google CAMARO Concept car . I was in-love with a new car. Well I was but a E-3 at the time, so my gobs of money was kinda of not enough to afford the car. I told myself that day I will own a CAMARO SS! well good things come to those who wait (or plan financially for what they want). So i finally save up enough for a down payment that would make the Camaro afforadble to me and went to the car dealer on base (i was stationed in germany, can't really buy american cars over there). The guy at the dealership ruined my life . AAFES had a deal with FORD, Chrysler, Dodge, they could order any of these cars and have them shipped over there for free in 2 months, Chevy would cost $6,000 and 4 months. I literally this was in May 2010 and i was not getting a Camaro. Well i got orders in june to come back to the states(FL) ETA of OCT 2010. well my BMW was euro-spec and couldn't be shipped back..... sooo i bought a 93 honda accord lx FML! Well after ALOT of moving problems i finally settled into FL and had to drive by a Chevy dealership EVERYDAY on my way to work.. oh the angony of look at the pretty SS from my honda:(. About a month of this torture and i caved, came home on 11-1-10 and told the wife " dont look @ the credit card statement" she looked at me very confused and said " WHY?" then i had to explain on how i made the order depsoit on my NEW 2011 CGM SS/RS. BTW not a fun conversation anyways.

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