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Then it was time for some new shoes. I love the look of the Havocs but the main reason I chose them is they are a perfect fit for the OEM tires. They are also easy on the wallet. I went back and forth on whether to get chrome or black chrome. In the end, I chose chrome.

My plan is after this chrome runs its course, to have them powder coated black. I have a long time before that happens though

Here is a pic of my Fesler shift boot. I didnt order it to make people "think" I own a manual. I got it because it looks better than the cheap piece of plastic that the L99 has.

August 17, 2011

Here is a pic of my IOM dipstick.
Looks much better than the OEM yellow

Now for some lighting changes.
I ordered several things from AAC which included the amber dome light, amber trunk light, license plate LED's, and the P13W LED DRL bulbs.

I also ordered the AAC painted concept side markers

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