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Originally Posted by Crowley View Post
No doubt .. I think w/ the GT500 there were a few more OH SH!T moments .. lol .. anyway .. like I said, I'd love to see same driver same day in each car ...

I'll say one thing ... both cars have come a long way for sure! ..

BTW .. it is interesting that early on, when they go under the bridge or sign or whatever it is .. the ZL1 is already 5MPH ahead at that time .. .. some corners you can see the ZL1 having a good 12mph advantage ... that is awesome.

The Gs ZL1 appears to be holding are really high, too. I'll admit I only watched the '500 video once, and the ZL1 video a few times, but it just looks easier to drive. That shouldn't be a big surprise, really, given the IRS and MRC III, but we're talking a car down on power by 100 now... I think the driver's going to have his hands full, but you could say that about any car with 650 horse'.

You're totally right; these cars are so much farther now it's crazy. When they were young, I don't know that there were many comparisons to the-then-supercars in any other way than straight line performance. Now, it's not entirely unreasonable to compare them in about all the major performance regimes. Still - I don't call any GM car a supercar - but they are definately SUPER cars; the same holds true for Ford. Well - in fact - I did consider the GT a supercar, and still think it is; that's mostly because of the outrageous styling, among a couple other things. I still don't call Corvette a supercar because it's styling isn't Aventador-crazy (which I'm glad, because I truly love the 6th Gen design). Like I said - they perform on-par and even exceed many, but supercars they are not. That's fine by me - I'd rather go good than look good
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