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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
DM, I'll hit you up with the guy @ 3dCarbon's info when I get back from dinner. You can mix and match anything you want from them, don't feel obligated to buy the 6 piece if you don't need it. The guys at 3d are very easy to work with

Thanks Aquablue, yes Roger does fantastic work, as you can attest to as what you did the with added extra colors yesterday, really makes those door sills pop! I'm really looking forward to seeing more pics of your 68 :respect:

Engine covers attached & ready to be mounted, had to run to my storage unit because they required a piece from the OEM engine cover to attach, but here's some pics, along with the 3d Front Fender vents.

Kind of like a lightning effect!!

Prepping the vents for install, completed pics tomorrow :headband: and they ARE functional!!!

I'd like to personal thank Justice Pete from Pedders & Eric from MPD1 for the phone calls today, and the help in fixing my fitment issue with the hood & coilovers. Where else can you get the Presidents of major companies to stop what they're doing and talk to their customers?.....Customer Service IS NOT DEAD!! Another reason why I chose to go with products from both these fine companies.

The fix was simple, I just have to remove the adjustment knob after I dial in my settings and just keep them in the glove box. This car will be doing various car shows and I WANT people to know that it's running Pedders, so when I'm at a show and the hood's open I can just pop the knobs back on, can't get easier than that!!!

The Solution:

For Show:
Man, that is all I can get out of my mouth!!!!!---WOOOOWWWW!!! That is going to look so sweet....Oh, I got this out of my mouth too.....PIX,PIX,PIX!!!! I want to see the engine cover installed.......

I can finally say something after picking my tongue and chin up off the floor........Can I say it again?------WOW!
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