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I have grown up in a GM family. We laugh at the idea of owning anything else other than the great cars GM produces. We've stuck by when things were great and awful. My dream car since I was young has always been a blue 1969 Camaro with white rally stripes. I remember when GM announced the "hiatus" of the Camaro. I was deeply upset and afraid that when I started driving I would never be able to own a brand new Camaro. I started driving before the Generation 5 Camaro prototype was announced, but remember hearing rumors all the time. I got really worried when Pontiac was shut down and GM was getting a bailout. I was afraid I would then never see the Camaro born again. I still continued to buy GM cars regardless. Then when the Generation 5 Camaro finally started to have light again I made the decision one day I would own one regardless of what engine and transmission. I remember the whole process to get my Camaro. It all started with my 2009 LTZ Malibu having repeated BCM issues that the dealership could NOT fix. Well after much headache, pain, switching dealers, etc I came to own a 2011 1LT RS Camaro. Since then I have not looked back and will never be without a Camaro now in case they ever go on a "hiatus" again. Along the way I have made some new awesome friends and had great experiences. I too dream of owning the ZL1 one day

All I can say is I stand behind the team a 100% and GM will always be in my blood.
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