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Yup thats about how it works. Dealers are allocated a certain amount of each car. They can use an allocation slot to order a car to customer's specifications (within limits, depending on manufacturer's policy), modify a car already in the allocation pipeline, or reserve a car in transit from the manufacturer to the dealership. The manufacturer's regional sales and distribution unit will determine allocation numbers, mainly using past sales. So of course, the more sales, the more Camaros, and the more options to get it how you want it. But the more sales, the more people willing to pay good money to be on that list, at least at first. When I worked inventory at a dealership we just had a simple excel list of the person and their car's specifications. If we happened to get allocated a match, then that person was the lucky winner and they got their car. If we had to special order it then it would all depend on when it was made and allocated to us.
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