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Trunk Project

MTX TA5601 - soon to be TE801D (pressure from dad wanting everythin EXACTLY the same)
2 12" Hifonics subwoofers
Knukonceptz Power and Ground wiring
DB Link RCA Cables
DB Link Power Distribution block
DB Link Ground Block
Scosche speaker wire
Raptor fuses
Subthump FARK

Removal of stock amp - The speaker wires are for the old amp. No FARK

Cluster of wires after removal of stock amp

I had to chop a couple holes in the battery cover to be able to run the wires where I wanted them

Wires coming up from the battery hole. Sorry no pics of the wiring under the lid. I am very very bad at in progress pics. I get on a role and forget the camera is even there!

I reran some of the wires. After putting the amps in the trunk I realized that having all the wires coming out of 2 holes covering 3 1/2 space of amp, that my neat wiring attempt would not be possible. I ripped out the trunk cover, cut 5 more holes and redid the wiring

Sorry for the delay. Here is a picture of the trunk ALMOST done. I need to figure out a way to tie the power/ground wires to the box in a non-tacky way. Im going to talk to the machine shop at work and see if they can come up with something cool.


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