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Trunk Project

MTX TA5601 - soon to be TE801D (pressure from dad wanting everythin EXACTLY the same)
2 12" Hifonics subwoofers
Knukonceptz Power and Ground wiring
DB Link RCA Cables
DB Link Power Distribution block
DB Link Ground Block
Scosche speaker wire
Raptor fuses
******** FARK

Removal of stock amp - The speaker wires are for the old amp. No FARK

Cluster of wires after removal of stock amp

I had to chop a couple holes in the battery cover to be able to run the wires where I wanted them

Wires coming up from the battery hole. Sorry no pics of the wiring under the lid. I am very very bad at in progress pics. I get on a role and forget the camera is even there!

I reran some of the wires. After putting the amps in the trunk I realized that having all the wires coming out of 2 holes covering 3 1/2 space of amp, that my neat wiring attempt would not be possible. I ripped out the trunk cover, cut 5 more holes and redid the wiring

Sorry for the delay. Here is a picture of the trunk ALMOST done. I need to figure out a way to tie the power/ground wires to the box in a non-tacky way. Im going to talk to the machine shop at work and see if they can come up with something cool.


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