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Originally Posted by hawkfe View Post
Not to be a flaming as........ but in 15 years you'll read this post and realize what a worthless post this was. Who cares, I'll be 52 this year and be glad for the "Older" generation, who do you think set's up most of these meets? Ok, I'm ready for it, bring it on....
Ohh.. Fiesty... I'll bite.

I am VERY glad for the older generation. Without the older generation, us young guns would have no window to the past and no way to learn the "wisdom" of the car gods that have been passed down through the ages. I learn 90% of the things I know about cars from the older generation.

My reason for starting this thread was simply because younger people are better able to establish a friendship-like bond to each other than to older people, simply because we are all in the same life-stage. We have more in common. The older generation has "been there, done that, got the t-shirt" in all the parts of life that us young guys are still getting to enjoy. So let us have our fun, we will leave you to go change out your denturs and depends.

Totally kidding on the last part... Don't take me serious.
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