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Ok, heres a little more info.

I picked up 4 12" red LED strips from autozone. I tied 2 of them to the bottom of the back seat, and one in each foot well. The rear was the easiest. If you lift the seat, and if you have leather not sure about cloth, there is a piece of black mesh. I used 3 zipties on each strip. Then ran the wires up the drivers side. Make sure you put the end of the LED strip with the wires in the direction you want the wire to go.

The fronts were a little trickier. I couldn't find a solid piece of plastic the length of the LED (you'll see when you start hanging upside down to find the grey wire). I just found 2-3 places and did the best I could. If you put it a few inches back you can't see the strip if it hangs a little.

To run the wire from the passenger side, there is a small gap behind the underneath of the radio (if that makes sense) that you can pull the wire through.

I soldered all the wires to 1 bigger wire which I T-tapped to the grey wire shown in the DIY. Now your footwells will turn on when you open the door or turn on your dome light.

I am thinking about doing this under the door as well. Saw some pics somewhere and thought it looked really cool.
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