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Thank you Orange Krate, but you're tricked out in your own way as well, and that's what it's all about, right!

Got surprised today to see the that the MPD1 Rear Spoiler & 3dCarbom Front Spoiler got installed. Exhaust back on, and work began on the Boost & AF Gauges into the A Pillar.

We'll be doing work over the weekend as well, we REALLY want to finish this up!!

On to the pics, sorry for the poor lighting as it's still in the garage so lighting is very limited:

Eric's MPD1 Rear Spoiler is just made for this car & makes it look so much better (IMO)

Final piece of the 3dCarbon kit, the front spoiler. Just fitted on, not tightened yet as we're doing the Hide-Away License Plate & I'm adding a red LED scanner bar to go with the white one behind the grille.

I really like this idea we did with the MPD1 Smooth Rear Exhaust & the stock piece that it's supposed to get screwed into. We added nylon spacer tubes & stainless hardware.The rear panel is solid as a rock!

It'll hit the streets soon, real soon! Thanks for looking
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