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Originally Posted by dmwhiteman View Post
Looking great! Im really liking the vents! I was unsure about them at first, how they would blend in with black. But they look awesome.
Thank you DM, I really love the 3dCarbon vents and how they turned out. One thing I really like about them is that it's a functional vent, so air flows freely through there. That'll definitely help with brake cooling and also getting rid of hot air under the hood. If you went with them, one option I was thinking of for you was painting the screens orange to match your stripe or even maybe an orange pinstripe on the fin of the vent. Like I mentioned earlier, before you order from 3d just drop me a PM and I'll tell you who to ask for to get Jobber pricing.

Originally Posted by Buffnshine View Post
What an awesome build. Can't wait to see it rolled out in the sun. Very interested in the mail slot fill. Was thInking of trying that way but worried about shrinkage or ghosting. I smell COTW, love it
Thanks Buff!! As far as getting in the sun, you & me both Brother!! That things been in the cave far too long, I'm so antsy, but I'm glad my friend that owns the shop, Ray is a perfectionist....He sent back a few of the painted pieces because of a few fisheyes in the paint. I appreciate stuff like that, cause I'm the same way. I knew I was asking a lot too do all this right from the start, but as I've mentioned, it's so nice to work on a new car, no grim, grease, baked on dirt, rusty bolts...I just wanted to do it the way I wanted, then enjoy it for years to come. But I do see headers & cam in the future

Regarding the mailslot, I liked the closeout that SLP makes, but who wants to see an outline, makes it look cheap IMO. So luckily I had a very skilled body shop (Ken's Body Shop in San Luis Obsipo), and they were definitely up for the challenge when I told them I don't think anyone's actually done this yet. I will admit it did take a few times to get it right, the key was leaving the stock grille in there to keep the pieces from sagging. Originally we had sent the front bumper over to him minus the grille, because I was swapping it out for the Heritage grille & SS emblem. But after we put the stock grille back in they were able to do it perfectly as you can see. There's no visible lines whatsoever, same with the license plate holes, my bumper had four nice holes in the nose for those lovely, bulky LP holders...No more!! I'll find out exactly what bonding agent was used to do the mailslot, and post it up. Eric from MPD1 was eager to see how it turned out & what was used as well.

COTW....It would be an honor, once this baby's done..Thank you

Originally Posted by aquablueL99 View Post
Kronix, I am so impressed!! I can see COTW coming real soon. I believe this is one of the best builds I have seen!! The fenders look outstanding. Thanks for sharing with us..
Thank you so much AB, again COTW, would be an honor! I've had the luxury of seeing so many awesome builds here and getting little pieces here & there from each one. This is a remarkable community, with a great group of people, sponsors & ideas!!

Originally Posted by ALLTRBO View Post
Looks really good.

So I guess you're not going to use the 3Dcarbon rear spats?
Thanks TRBO! No, I will be using the 3dCarbon rear spats, I'm just revising how they say to put them on. They give you these goofy clips that are supposed to mount on the wheel well lip and you screw into them, because if you notice on our vehicles the wheel well liner is recessed back about 1.75", so I'm going to make a spacer like we did with the smooth rear exhaust panel. It'll be a much more secure fit, last thing I want to do is lose one. Every piece I'm putting on is on for good, and I want to make sure of that!

Originally Posted by stieger View Post

If you check out some of my interior pics - I pretty much have everything Chris sells. He does great work and I get compliments all the time about the pieces.
Your build was the first one I read when I joined! I've got quite a few ideas from what you've done and your thoroughness in documenting it, you've done an awesome job!

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