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The corvette does what it does amazingly well for the price.

European supercars have their place, too, I just don't want one, not to mention I couldn't afford one if I did.

There's a low-budget option too, for those without 40 grand to spend... find an old car, buy a new engine, and go to town. Really, if you have the energy you'll find a way.

What you get when you purchase a mid-level (mid-high level :P) performance car these days ranges hugely. Raw numbers, control, appearance, name. You pay for everything.

BMWs and Audis and the much loved GTR (dropped the skyline nomer) are great vehicles, but they carry stupid pricetags and (imho) don't perform well enough comparably. In any 60k situation I'd put the 'vette out on top - this isn't where the Camaro is supposed to be (I think).

And I surely hope that the Camaro comes in lighter than the GTR, that thing is a behemoth (In excess of 3500lbs). AWD alone adds quite a bit, so we'll have to see what the production kerb weight is.
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