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COTW 5/7/12
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Arrow Jmack25's Wicked IOM 2SS/RS [COTW 5/7/12]

Been on this forum for about a year thought it would be a good time to start my build thread.

My car is a 2010 2SS/RS IOM w/black leather L99

Exterior Modifications

22'' TSW Matte Black Donnington
20% Tint all around
Black Heritage Grille
Black Taillight Bezels
AAC Sidemarkers IOM
Sparks SS Trunk Emblem IOM/Black
AAC 50/50 Colorshifting Halos 2.0
AAC RGB Scanner
Custom painted pinstripe Gloss Black/Hugger Orange
Custom painted Gloss Black Hugger Orange pinstripe Hood spears
RK Sport Ram Air Hood
Unrestricted Motorsports Dovetail Spoiler

Interior Modifications

Blue AAC Interior Lighting
UV AAC Footwell Lighting
LED License Plate Lighting
Custom Painted Engine Cover

Performance/Handling Modifications

AFE Stage 2 Cold Air intake with re-Chargeable pro5R Filter
Magnaflow SS Resonated X-Pipe/Muffler
Doug Thorley Axle Back Muffler Delete
Doug Thorley 1 7/8 Long Tube Headers
LG Super Springs 1.5 Inch Drop

Here is a current picture of my ride

Name:  C360_2012-02-27-13-42-08.jpg
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Prior to buying the camaro I had a Ford F-150 Supercrew Lowered Whipple Supercharged truck

Name:  P5528A_02.jpg
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Name:  P5528A_18.jpg
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Loved the truck but had to sell it, initially checked out the dodge challenger but I did not like it at all. After test driving my first 5th gen camaro , I bought it right there on the spot. 2LT RS IBM 2011 Camaro

Name:  19.jpg
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Name:  downsized_0319111858.jpg
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This was a great car but man I had the itch to upgrade to the SS BAD!!

I was on the prowl to see if I could trade in my V6 but was not getting good trade in value pretty much anywhere I went. Was really looking for a Synergy Green but I just couldn't make the numbers work where they had SGM in stock. Eventually I found my current ride online with only 1,000 miles on it (used) and figured why not go check it out . Surprisingly enough they offered me a lot for my V6 (I was only out 2k) and I couldnt refuse as it was a no haggle type dealership. Plus IOM was my second favorite color choice as well as it being a 2SS . The only thing I kinda miss is the HUD but I've gotten used to not having it.

Here is what I found as I arrived to the dealership

Name:  4-FD7F8A83-239791-800.jpg
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After making the deal and transferring my TSW Donningtons

Name:  4-37183746-276281-800.jpg
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Name:  4-C3924310-281126-800.jpg
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I was extremely happy with the deal and could not wait to start modding
First mods included 20% tint all the way around, painted gloss black tail light bezels as well as AAC interior lights (Blue dome and UV Footwells)

Name:  1330969627905.jpg
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Next came the heritage grille (Black) and AAC Sidemarkers (IOM)

Name:  C360_2012-02-09-15-58-55.jpg
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Name:  2012-02-09_15-57-44_HDR.jpg
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Dropped the car using LG Super springs to give it an aggressive stance

Name:  4-219F3647-988186-800.jpg
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Name:  4-39B1DEB9-529060-800.jpg
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Name:  4-DC2DAA93-408747-800.jpg
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Name:  4-57DC8F2B-427585-800.jpg
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Needed to change the sound as the car was just too quiet upgraded to a full Doug Thorley Axelback exhaust , with DT 1 7/8 Longtube Headers. Really made the aggressive sound I was looking for

Decided to put on some AAC Colorshifting Halos as well as an RGB scanner

Name:  C360_2012-03-04-18-10-58.jpg
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Name:  C360_2012-03-04-18-10-29.jpg
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Name:  C360_2012-03-04-18-10-14.jpg
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Custom painted engine cover and fuse box

Name:  IMG957253.jpg
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Name:  IMG952953.jpg
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Name:  IMG950414.jpg
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Name:  4-3693F5A7-1011002-800.jpg
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Ugraded from 20's to 22's for a really awesome stance!
Name:  C360_2012-02-29-08-07-55.jpg
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Name:  C360_2012-02-29-08-05-22.jpg
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Name:  C360_2012-02-29-08-07-05.jpg
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Name:  C360_2012-02-29-08-04-46.jpg
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Big Thanks to Ivan and Christa @ SouthwestSpeed for help with most of the mods on this ride!

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