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Exclamation 2010 Camaro PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL: Positive Battery Cable Rerouting



From homepage: A product safety recall has been issued for certain sold 2010 Chevy Camaros (V8 engine only). The recall is necessary because of a potential shorting problem with the starter making contact with an exposed battery positive starter cable (see member Bumleb’s encounter with this issue HERE).

The procedure will involve a temporary fix and/or a permanent fix. The temporary fix will entail wrapping the battery positive starter cable with protective insulating tape and rerouting the cable to ensure proper clearance between the starter and the battery positive starter cable. The permanent fix will involve the same procedure, except with engine wiring harness tape which is being shipped to all dealers by May 11, 2009.

Dealers will give affected Camaro owners the option of the temporary fix which will allow them the use of their vehicles but require a return visit, or leaving the car at the dealer until the the engine wiring harness tape is received by the dealer.

Thankfully, this recall fix looks to be a fairly quick fix (30 minutes or so) and should have affected owners right back on the roads in no time.
I got a call from the dealer this morning. There is an official recall put out for the battery cable issue. Supposedly we aren't supposed to drive them, they want to flat bed it back to the dealership.... UGH.
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