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Originally Posted by CookieCk View Post
That radio looks completely out of place in that interior IMO...
It's very minimal everywhere else and (for obvious reasons) geared toward track. So why put a fancy modern style radio in? Just my .02
Other than that I like it, though I definitely could not afford it.
That white car is a proto, built from a old test car. I seriously doubt in the actually production COPO's your gonna see radio/hvac controls or a airbag steering wheel. I can't see GM leaving them there just for the hell of it, none of it works.

Nice to see they're gonna build it. I may be mistaken, but doesnt this car make it legal for ANY 2010-2012 Camaro to run any of these COPO engines in classes that require a model correct production engine? If so, 2012 is the year of the 5th gen, with the LSA being a new legal option to. Also, in any class requiring a stock style rear suspension in all the street car series races, wont a stick axle be legal now for a 5th gen. Maybe the latter is already possible(?) , as Ive seen a few shootout cars with a stick axle already.
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