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Question 5th-gen Camaro + road course / HPDE events?

Hey gang,

Quick background: I'm new to Camaro5, but not new to Camaros or Camaro forums (I've been a long-time member on, Corvette Forum, etc.). Previously had an '02 Z28 (bought new in 2002) then traded up to a C6 a couple years ago. Got into road racing / HPDE events with both the Camaro and the 'Vette.

Now, I have a baby on the way in a few weeks, and suddenly the 2-seater Z06 isn't looking so "practical" anymore! So I'm thinking a Camaro MAY be the answer ..... 4-seater and all .

A couple questions:

1) How are the new Camaros working for people on the track?? I'm not looking at getting into heavy mods or running for money ... just simple HPDE's, Time Attack (time trial) events, etc.

2) Any concerns with things getting HOT? (engine oil? tranny fluid? diff? steering?) Do they come equipped with factory power steering and/or engine oil coolers? Or is the aftermarket the only place for those items?

3) Anybody running with the 6-speed AUTO, w/tap-shift?? Any issues? Do they stand up to a little abuse? (the 4L60E in my '02 Z28 didn't take well to the road course, so I ended up swapping in a T56).

4) Wheels & tires: anybody know if base C6 wheels might fit the Camaro? (I still have a spare set from my 'Vette). 18 x 8.5" fronts, 19 x 10" rears. Offsets may be wrong?!

5) Any other "issues" or concerns that I might want to be aware of?

Appreciate any/all advice or feedback you guys may have! No decisions have been made yet, but depending, I could easily see myself back in a Camaro again. Would like to do a little bit of "homework" first though .


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