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Originally Posted by kdbolt70 View Post
So this is on stock internals? Will there be a recommended exhaust upgrade or tune to go with it? Is there a reason why you chose the 2300 over the 1900, if its only going to be running 6lbs? I've only owned factory supercharged vehicles in the past, but its definitely on my to-do list for my Camaro.

Also, have you guys ever heard of a GM dealer installing a blower and keeping the warranty, because they did the installation?
There will be a calibration available once the kit is released, we went with the 2300 for a few reasons....mostly the fact that 99.9% of the general public demanded it. It will also allow the end user to grow with their mods if the decide to go to a larger displacement engine.

We build these systems to work around the factory hardware including the exhaust, I have had very good personal gains with the Magna Flow product.

As for the warranty, this is truly left up to the discretion of your dealer and service department. I like to tell people, "in the UNLIKELY event that you pull into the service drive with a piston hanging out of the block, you will more than likely be shown the door". I have learned that bottle of expensive whiskey works wonders with the service manager.

Originally Posted by IOM_ROCKER View Post
Brian - K&N Air Intake like your other packages? Have you done any exhaust mods? We'll be glued to the thread to see the results from the dyno. I've been signed up for this package for over 2 years now. Glad to see to it published. Can't wait to see the pdf installation manual on the website so I can redo my
We will include a K&N filter with the kit as long as GM did not place a carbon filter IN the factory air filter.
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