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Originally Posted by Cap'n Pete View Post
Thanks for the quick response, Michael!

I guess tires and brakes are sort of the obvious "consumables", esp. depending on the level that I push the car to. Up 'til now, I've run various compounds from both Hawk and Carbotech on my cars, and I'm pretty confident all the same stuff is available for the Camaro? Good point about the SS lines ... they were one of the first (and only!) mods I did to the Z06 (fortunately, it's "blessed" with being a perfectly track-ready car, right out of the box). And for tires, I've run everything from daily street tires, to Toyo's/Nitto's, upto Hoosier R6's. For now, I'd likely stick with the OEM tires (until they're shot) and upgrade to something a little softer (but streetable) like Nitto NT05's, or something of that sort.

Obviously I wouldn't expect quite the same level of handling/performance as the 'Vette, but I'm sure the SS is still a fun and capable track car, with the right tires and driver?

My "goal" is to be able to attend at least the occasional track day, albeit, not nearly as frequently as I've been getting used to WITHOUT the responsibility (and time consumption!) of having kids . BUT, I don't want to have to pour a bunch of money into the car to make it "track ready", if I don't have to? Hence, I want to make sure that (left "stock") they're capable of running a few track days without risking self-destruct????? (ie: over-heating, etc.).

Any oil starvation issues with the LS3 in the Camaros? I know that has been a bit of an issue with them in the C6....... Any history of motors going "boom" with anything stickier than street tires??

I think a ZL1 would be a good fit for you
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