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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
I think a ZL1 would be a good fit for you
No kidding! The car looks amazing, and would ABSOLUTELY fit the bill ..... but at the moment, looks like my wife and I will be doing a complete vehicle rotation, getting rid of the Z06 and my truck, AND her car, and getting a pair of new vehicles to better suit the "family needs". Money-wise, a ZL1 just isn't in the cards at the moment :( (although I would love to get one!! ..... one day, maybe! ).

I'm definitely curious how well the 6-speed auto stands up to a little track abuse, since I may be talked into getting an auto instead of manual, so the wife can drive the car if necessary . I know the old 4L60E was NOT up to the task, but I believe the newer 6-speed (6L80E?) is a beefier unit?
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