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Originally Posted by MohawksIOSS View Post
Well it looks nice but so does my car and my car makes more RWHP and is built at a lot less the cost!! This is just a money grabber, no orginality at all, just another limited edition that the regular 9-5 working stiff can only dream of!! Il take my 677RWHP for only 26K any day!!! Jay Leno and all the other money mongrals can have the COPO CRAP, ill stick with my custom built with some originality and pride any day!! Way to sell out Chevy not Impressed one bit
I guess I dont get how this makes the General a sellout???!! They picked 69 people at random who were interested in the cars. The price is marked correctly to the Drag Pack Challenger and Cobra Jet. Not only is it marketed correctly if you were to follow inflation prices from 1969 Base SS vs 1969 COPO this car is right in line.

Thats great your home built car makes 600+Rwhp (<--- You can thank GM for sticking to a well thought out powerplant since 97 for this). Now how many Mid 9 second passes have you made in it?? Can your car fall into the guidelines of NHRA Stock Eliminator??

GM produced a car that the public wanted!! Ask the Thousands who filled out the surveys and drooled @ the SEMA show. If you cant afford it so be it, take a seat in the grand stands, watch some good racing, and support the home team!
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