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Very helpful info...

All cars are classified by using the factory shipping weight, divided by either advertised factory horsepower, or NHRA-rated HP.* I will use my car as an example, a 1992 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo.* It has a factory shipping weight of 3,444 pounds, and a factory horsepower rating of 170.* 3,444/170 = 20.56.* This will classify me into the DF/S (D Front wheel drive/Stock) class.* All cars are classified this way, into one of 51 classes of Stock Eliminator.* Classes run from AA/S and AA/SA (AA/Stock and AA/Stock Automatic) down to W/S and W/SA for rear wheel drive cars and trucks, plus five front wheel drive classes AF/S to EF/S.

AA/Stock would be for the highest factory rated horsepower cars.* Some Mopar Hemis, 440′s and Max Wedges, big block 427 Fords, 427 and 396 Chevrolets, as well as some newer cars – LS-1 Firebirds, supercharged Cobra Jet Mustangs and the new DragPack Hemi Dodge Challengers are in this category.* Cars with a shipping weight/horsepower ratio of 7.50-7.99 pounds will fall into AA/S.* W/S is for four cylinder cars only, with a weight to horsepower ratio of 24 or more.* NHRA publishes their Classification Guide on their website;* you can look up your car to see what class it can fit.* Cars not listed in this Guide are not eligible for Stock Eliminator.

So the cobra jet and drag paks are in the 7.5-7.99 class. A 1100hp copo is at 2.8. No such class for this, not even close.
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