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Synner, great feedback - thanks .

Stratman, I hear you on not wanting to be towed home from Cayuga ... it's a long haul back. We "proactively" took my Dad's '73 Camaro there on a trailer once ... good call ... blew the driveshaft right at the line!! Also had a buddy blow a CV joint in his Honda (serves him right for drag racing a FWD!!! ) ... he had to go home via CAA.

Anyway, good to hear that the Camaro doesn't seem to be too fussy, at least for awhile.

My '02 Z28, aside from blowing the diff a couple times, was dead-nuts reliable otherwise. Never a heating/cooling issue, and I pounded it for ~8 years/135kms (~84k miles). The only thing I ever upgraded in that car was the suspension and brake pads, but everything else was factory stock! Oh, except the transmission ... that was swapped from A4 --> M6, after only my 2nd day on the road course! (2nd gear died ... funny, it was mostly a 2nd gear track!).

My ultimate preference is still to have a manual, but if I go from having two vehicles down to only one, then that could pose a problem if my wife and I ever traded vehicles for some reason, so that's the only reason I'm "considering" the 6-speed auto at this point. I suppose a huge external cooler might help, if that's the route I go??
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