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A couple of things. Has anybody seen the bore and stroke specs on this "327"? If its the same as the 5.3 in the in the trucks, its actually a 325. I know it's ony 2 cubes, but I'm a stickler for details. I always made fun of Ford for calling their 4.9 a 5.0, so now I hope I dont have to make fun of GM for calling their 325 a 327.
And, am I the only one who noticed the significance of that 20129562 PN? 2012 is the model year and 9562 is the next COPO# following 9560 and 9561. 9560 was the the number used on the ZL1 69 Camaros and 9561 was the number used on the L72 69 Camaros. So I guess we can call these COPO 9562. I'm aware that COPO 9562 was used on L72 Chevelles in 1969, but these are the first COPO 9562 Camaros. Now I'm thinking......What would happen if I went to a dealer and ordered PN 19699560?.....Do you think I'd get one of those 69, 1969 ZL1's......Nah...I doubt it, but it's fun to think I might!

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