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To be honest, I really like the looks of the silver w/black stripes that you have .

My '02 was black w/silver stripes, which I loved, and would do again, but after ~8 years with a black car, I got tired of it always looking dirty, vs. my wife's silver car gets bathed ~once or twice a year, and never really looks dirty! So I'm thinking that silver w/black stripes would be good.

HOWEVER, I'm also a big fan of cyber grey metallic, and probably leaning that way ... with stripes of course . Then the question is just whether to go with silver stripes, or black (more subtle) stripes!

Still to-be-determined!!! I'm being told I should just hold off for now, until the baby actually arrives, and THEN decide what to do with the car(s). So I don't think anything will happen within the next ~month ... probably wait 'til ~June or July, although NOW would be the time to try and sell the Z06 (... just pulled it out yesterday, since the weather looks like it's going to stay nice from here on out ).

Can't check out the videos at the moment (work server blocking them ). Will check them out tonight .

For fun, here are a couple pics of my old '02 Z28, and my current Z06.
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