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For Sale -- 2011 1LT/RS OEM Interior Parts

I have for sale the following:
2011 1LT/RS rear-view mirror (this does not have auto-dim)

2011 1LT/RS center console armrest (this is not the leather stitched one)

2011 1LT/RS auxiliary port and harness (this isn't the PDIM nor does it include a USB port)

2011 1LT/RS auto steering wheel (this is not leather and does not include the controls on the right side. it has tapshift because it came from an auto so it will not work with a manual Camaro).

They have 11,305 miles on them except for the steering wheel. The steering wheel is currently on my car. I will be swapping out the wheel for a 2LT leather wheel this week, but wanted to go ahead and put it up for sale.

Please PM me to negotiate a price.

Pics to come tomorrow night.
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