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Awesome info, thanks guys! That's EXACTLY the type of feedback I was hoping to hear .

So I'm thinking, if left STOCK, on street tires, the car would probably be just fine, completely un-touched (since streets don't generate the same level of grip, which ultimately puts more strain and abuse on the car).

Brakes and tires would be the very FIRST things I'd look at (assuming I even get the "green light" on this whole thing! ) and then I'd start looking at cooling and suspension later.

Since I've already got a few good years behind me, with two different Camaros and two different Corvettes, all with varying levels of prep/mods, I'm just hoping to maintain SOME ability to get out to the track occasionally and have some fun. If "life" / time permits and I can stick with it frequently enough, I'll prep/mod the car to my liking, but in the meantime, at least it sounds like the Camaro is going to be equally as "fun" as my '02 Z28 was stock, and maybe even a little closer in feel to the base C6, since the new Camaro at least has the IRS that the 4th-gen so desparately needed.

Anyway, thanks again for the great feedback!
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