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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post

how will this be affected by my getting modified LCA's,... I would think the hardware attachment points would be the same and allow for me to still install the Pedders stuff without hassle... Maybe I'm wrong...

I have spoken with Dan Howard about this. Dan has been a HUGE Pedders advocate. He put my name on his car as a co-driver which would be no big deal had we sponsored him. Dan paid retail for all his Pedders bits so I owe him a thank you. He'll be the first to get the Z bar for custom fitment to aftermarket arms.

It appears there is some structure in the area of the arm where the drop link would be placed.

This appears to be clear, but the plate in the area would require clearancing.

I was hoping the UPS freight with our bars would deliver today. Now it looks like Monday As soon as we get them in, Mr. Fabricator-I-am-going-to-make-them-fit Dan will be all over this.
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