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Thumbs up Insights from Ed Peper (General Manager of Chevy) regarding the production coupe/vert

In an interview conducted at the Detroit autoshow, Ed Peper discusses how closely the production camaro will match the concept, and also the possible powertrains:

Autoblog: Let's change gears and talk performance. Obviously, there's Corvette, but let's stay away from that for the moment and focus on the Camaro. You've already mentioned the convertible concept which obviously telegraphs your intent to do a production version.

Ed Peper: Yes.

Autoblog: The styling's been a hit for both the coupe and the convertible. How closely are you looking to match the concept's styling -- especially the interior -- on the production version of the Camaro.

Ed Peper: It's going to be very, very close. I have seen the production coupe, and if you saw the two of them side by side -- the production coupe and the concept coupe we introduced last year -- you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It is very minute. I mean, obviously you have to make some exceptions when translating a concept to production, but it's going to be very, very close. This is not like a wild concept that we come back and can't realistically build the same sort of vehicle for production. No, it is going to be very close.

Autoblog: Have you guys arrived at a final decision for the top powertrain?

Ed Peper: No, not yet. We will have a V8, a couple of V6s -- you know, we'll have a fuel efficient V6 and we'll have a high performing V6 and we will have a high performing V8 but we haven't settled on the engine in that yet.

Autoblog: 500 horsepower appears to be the magic number with the musclecars that the other manufacturers are coming out with, so is that your target?

Ed Peper: Certainly we haven't made a decision yet, but it's in our scheme – it's in our scheme of thoughts, yes.

Autoblog: Is there concern about stepping on the Corvette, power-wise?

Ed Peper: No. Because again, the capabilities of a Corvette are world class. I mean, we are talking about a vehicle that competes in the American Le Mans Series with Aston Martins and all –no, there is no concern because what the Camaro is going to be is what it has always been, which is a really great looking vehicle that will have a muscle car or muscle car set of derivatives with it, but that will also have a fuel efficient version. It's a vehicle that you really, really can drive every single day -- a four seater and so forth, while Corvette is in a class all by itself. It's one of our ultimate brands at the company that just continues to do well. We try to keep the production, you know, in line and not build too many so it keeps a very strong demand. The Z06s are some of the fastest turning vehicles that we have.
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