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Aqua, Lukeko, Nathan & Infinite-T, thank you very much for the compliments!!
Nathan, I'mm surprised you even have time to check out my build considering everything you're doing to your piece!

I've really been having fun building this car, every other vehicle I've had I've modded over time, this was the first time I just blew up and went balls to the wall. I guess not being a kid or having any, and the luxury of another vehicle to drive has helped my cause. I really wanted to get the majority of the car done as soon as I bought it to give my touches and stand out from the crowd. A few things I've learned with this build is, body kits don't always fit right, perfection takes time & money, and the great thing is there's so many aftermarket products out there that you really can make a one of a kind!

I have given some thought to the sides of the cowl & I do have a bunch of custom badging from Roger at Emblempros that will be going on, since all stock badges have been removed. The theme I've tried to keep is basic black, using a mixture of glossy black & matte black. I was thinking about putting SUPERCHARGED on the sides of the cowl, but since the car really doesn't have a secondary color on the exterior like white or silver, I'm really not sure what color I would do it in, besides I do have some subtle badging I got from EmblemPros that says what's under the hood, so for now I'll go with the sleeper effect, especially since I closed up the mailslot people may think it's a V6

The first thing I want to do is get the car out of the damn garage! It hasn't seen the sun in 2 months, but we should be getting an alignment today, I'll wash it and then start to put on the badging. In the meantime, I just ordered a custom painted Strut Tower Brace & Glossy Black DRL Bezels from Lupe @ River City Creations, also adding DRL/Fog Light 30% Tint from Big Worm Graphix (They have some really cool striping BTW). I'm also expecting today my black billet engine caps & strut tower covers. If you read my thread you've seen I had some fitment issues with the MPD1 Z-Force hood & the Pedders coil over adjustment knobs. The solution from Pete at Pedders was to simply remove the knobs after I set them, we could've cutout a 2" circle on the underside of the hood but I wasn't crazy about that idea, so billet covers will do the trick to dress it up a bit.

We did finish up all the electrical stuff on Friday, I know have the DRL harness with a blue LED switch inside the cabin and that will allow me to turn on the DRL at night, especially useful since I added AAC Plasma bulbs to the DRLs. I have no idea why Chevy would've taken away the option to run your fog lights on the 2SS/RS option but I fixed that....Also got the AAC Scanner bars mounted behind the grille, and since Extreme Auto Works is one of my sponsors we added a little evidence of that on the radiator.

This will DEFINITELY be the week the SS hits the streets & I'll have some nice pictures out in the sun, clean & COMPLETE (until I really start working on interior)

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