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Originally Posted by TonyC View Post
i will be digging into my system next week or trying to wait till everything gets here (hurry up 9990hd) lol...i went with the cdt hd running components upfront, 3" front stage in dash, 6.5 braxils in rear sill ,2 -6.5 mega bass in deck lid and 1 12" carbon fiber series sub in trunk...all stinger pro wires ect...should be fun.i cant wait... very nice work must sound amazing
In the Middle top section of the trunk it still rattles when i have Rap on even with sound deadening. The base sounds great but i need more sound deadening on ceiling.

Originally Posted by Chad's 2ss View Post
Nice setup man. I just recently decided to go with some hertz products too after listening to them. They sound great. How's the base in the car? With the sound deadening stuff does the trunk lid rattle much. I'm going to go with hertz door speakers and rears, but am going with the 3 JL 10" w3's in the stealth box. That audison amp is tits!
No Clacking on Deck but its not that cold here. plus i work from home and its always in the garage !

Originally Posted by kalimus View Post
I like it! Have you had any issues with your rear deck clacking yet? Mine does it only when it's cold outside. I have to just get off my arse and put something over those plastic tabs in the back, but I've been a little lazy.
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