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Originally Posted by EllwynX View Post
I've always thought 'Z28' had a much better ring to it than 'SS'.

That's why I'd like the 'affordable' V8 to be a Z28...
I take your use of "affordable V-8" to mean the base V-8, correct me if I'm wrong. While I absolutely want to see a new Z/28, I also don't want it to be the "watered down" base V-8! What I really wanted to see (and think is highly unlikely) was a base V-8 around 350 HP, then two other V-8s at 430ish HP and 475+ HP. I don't mind whether SS or Z/28 is the top dog, but I surely want the Z/28 version to have great suspension/handling characteristics to go along with whatever engine they use (more like the 1st gen Z/28s), I don't want every darn base V-8 pumped off the assembly line with a worthless Z/28 emblem on it, Z/28 should mean way more than "base V-8".
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