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Originally Posted by Maro99 View Post
You seem to be the clueless one here.. Not much effort put into this car. Basically they Just slapped on some aftermarket parts that was not even made by them and anyone could buy. People were expecting more like what they do with there mustangs. New bumpers, grills, and GFX etc. There are plenty of better built Camaros on this site that cost less.

I'm not going to argue with you, but Saleen NEVER built a Mustang similar to the rendering of that Camaro. For a long time Saleen Mustangs were just bumper covers, ground effects and rear wings. He didn't change the hood, and He NEVER changed the doors and rear quarter panels. It will come down to MSRP and performance. If the car stickers for just under $50,000 and has performance equal to, or greater than a BOSS 302 and a GT 500, then it should do well. If not, they probably won't move many.

By the way, please show me a car similar to this for less money. Which car on this site has 620 HP, similar body mods, interior mods, wheels and tires, better brakes, better suspension and a 3/36,000 warranty? That car also has to cost around $50,000. Keep in mind that you're buying a complete car, so none of the work can be done buy the owner. You would have to pay labor costs for all of the modifications.
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