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Originally Posted by Maro99 View Post
Now I see why you are so confused.. If you think this car will be selling for just under 50k you are out of your mind.. They took the base model 1SS without the RS package and and slapped on some bolt on parts that can all be found on Ebay. My guess is this car will retail for close to 60k or better with all of the options showed in the pics and because of the Saleen name plate. The rendering looked nice, but that is not anything close to what the final product is. They did not put much effort into the appearance of this car at all. If it had been a mustang they would have gone all out with custom bumpers and GFX kits as they always have. I have always liked the look of Saleen Mustangs but this is nothing more than a pathetic attempt of bolting on parts that weren't even made by them and attaching a brand name to it so they can sell them for a high price. Really the only thing custom is the hood and there are alot better looking ones on the market IMO. It was as if they looked at the rendering and said to them selves, "man that looks like alot of work. Forget it lets just buy other peoples parts and bolt them on instead". lol

Well, if the car stickers for $60,000 or more, you won't have to worry about seeing them on the street. Nobody will pay that much for a car that isn't any better than a ZL1. If you add the 2SS option and the RS option, then that car will sticker for about the same as a very nicely equipped Grand Sport Corvette. I don't see a market for a car like that. By the way, that body kit would add well over $10,000 to the price. I can't see anyone spending Z06 money for a car that can't out-perform a ZL1. Time will tell...
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