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Well I put some miles on the car this weekend before the rain came & I must say with the Pedders & other suspension mods the car is on rails, especially at 120mph+ !!! Thanks Pete @ Pedders for your help with dialing it in, I can only assume it'll be even better once we install the eccentric Alignment Bolt kit this week.

Also, a major announcement... I just got off the phone with Gary from Gary's Customz & I'm now getting the ZL1 front bumper & it's been paid in full, so now I just have to wait for Gary to get the call that more fascias are in.

This obviously means that I'll have an extra SS front end with the mailslot delete done, so that will be up for sale in the near future. If anyone is interested, it'll be on a first come first served basis. So hit me up if you want it. I would prefer someone in the Central/SoCal area but I will be able to ship using the same box that my new bumper comes in, you'll just have to pick up shipping charges. But I'll cross that bridge when the new one comes.

Here's some pics from Saturday

Sorry, little dirty, haven't had a chance to detail yet using all my Adam's products

Black Onyx Gauge Bezels & Shift plate from Emblempros

Again, thanks to everyone for all the support! More pics to come, I want to post some of the pictures from the Valentine 1 Radar system install in my rearview mirror & roof liner pod...It works great
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