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Originally Posted by MS3DALE View Post
As BowtieBelle said,I think this is going to be our Z28.
...ands that is sad, no disrespect to the OP....but....the stark reality of the thought....:(
Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
With or without MRC????
...inquiring minds wanna know...
Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
^I hope it's an option. I also hope Pedders is an option. What do think Pete? Where are the 6 piston front brakes? I hope that is an option as well. That was a must have for me.
...can you say ...gussied up Camaro? Unless there is undisclosed meat and potato's to go with the pomp and circumstance what do we really have here?
Originally Posted by Kmorpheus View Post
Ya, this is just Chevy stuffing some zl1 parts on a SS. Roll out something new in the engine bay. Hell the Hyundai Genisses is getting a 429 hp direct injection plant. Add a 300 dollar tune and anything short of a supercharged SS will only be seeing taillights from that 4 door luxury sports car, oh and it will have a 10 year warranty. So come on Chevy don't make us sacrifice so much for our sharp eye turning Camaro's
I share with your criticism.

Enjoy the party folks. I'm leaving early unless theres some goods to discuss. Looks to me like just a SS minor upgrade....and I wished and prayed for more substance than fluff.
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