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Originally Posted by Show-Me-SS View Post
Johnny Londoff told me in Jan they were going to charge $5000 over sticker so I went to Elco in Ballwin. I guess they decided to give everyone a break and only charge $ 4000 over. You know he owns his own building and lot so can beat anyone's price. These kind of dealers give GM a bad name. The sad part is someone will probably pay it.
I didn't even start my truck yet, and my salesman was outside selling it to someone else. Too rub it in my face a little more..... I went their today to get my down payment back.... There's my car!!!! For a split second I thought.... Holy cow!!!! There's my car!!!! My salesman did call me today.... maybe they came to their senses.... NO!!!! It's the same guy driving it that was drooling over it, while I was telling them they promised me MSRP and changed my buyers order after I signed it.

All good now.... went to Elco - 9th out of 17. Let the waiting begin.... AGAIN!!!!
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