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Headers, Exhaust and Strut Brace

Here are a couple of pics I took from a couple of weeks ago when we did the exhaust, headers, strut brace and tune.

Chakita strapped down for the two Dyno pulls - was 76% humidity so not bad runs: 254 and 256 for rwhp and 232 and 234 for rwtq.

Couple of pics of the ARH HEaders (2) and ARK exhaust (3) laid out before they go on. Up close and personal on the Burnt Tip (4). And of course the Strut Brace. Did find out the hard way the engine cover will not fit with the Black ICE-olator and the BMR brace: have an idea in mind to resolve but will have to think it thru before I actually start.

First time I saw the ARH / ARK items was the day we installed them. I can see now why they command the money they do. ARK exhaust was absolutely beautiful for an exhaust: everything was polished and lined up first time. I was skeptical of the connection between the ARH headers and the ARK Exhaust as it used only a band clamp. Chris and I looked at it for a couple of minutes and decided what the hell, let's put it on and see of it leaks. We had the car on the rack for almost 20 minutes running and shaking everything trying to make it leak and we couldn't. I was impressed. ARH headers were impressive as well: extremely nice fit and finish. Everything lined up and fit as it was designed. After the ARK / ARH were done, we did the Black ICE-Olator and the TB. These went on so quick I forgot to take pics - I'm sure there will be another photo op in there again.

I had a little trouble with loading the tune, but that was my fault - I didn't load the driver before I started. Once past the technical issue, 20 minutes later and the tune was done. I had to reload a second time to set the Ghost Cam, but oh well. Being able to turn off the ghost cam has put a very strange look on some peoples faces. I like to drive without it turned on and turn it on when I pull up on another car: sit there for a second and hit the button. Car starts rockin, trunk vibrates and exhaust gets louder - definitely will turn heads.
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Hi, my name is Chakita. I have cams!!!!

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