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I updated my dealers info because I just came back from there because they finally got their dealer car in stock. They had a SIM 2LT RS auto, with Black Leather and 4pk gauges. See pics below.

So to the point.... I asked if they were going to honor the MSRP deal I had with the previous owner and they said they would not do it. We "talked" as I thought it was, but my wife told me it wasn't talking, about it for quite some time. The only thing he assured me was that he would beat the other markups on the car, so if it was going for 5k over, then he would sell to me for 4.5k over. He continued to give me a sob story about how hes losing money on other cars and this is going to make up for his loss. They are supposed to get back with me about the MSRP and marked up value by tuesday. I think Im willing to pay up to 1k over. The wife thinks I should remove options to make up for the markup! But that would be all of my options !

Ill open up another thread depending on what their response is for MSRP + Markup Value.

Here is their car,
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