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1LE is coming! But continuing to enjoy my SS.

I am really excited about the 1LE. If you have not heard about it yet see here:

I hope to be ordering one once I get our RAV4 paid off. This is exactly what I was trying to build. I know some who are waiting for the next Z28 are disappointed, but to me the 1LE is the next Z28 minus some extra HP. And that is easy to fix with the LS3.

The 1LE has a more long term track history than the Z28 since for years the Z28 was just the V8 Camaro. In in those years the 1LE was the track version of the Z28. So for those years Z28 < 1LE. But the Z28 is a much cooler name and in the Camaro Gen 1 days it was a legend. The 1LE never got a rep mostly because no one knew about it. And the racing it participated in never was as popular as the old Trans Am series.

But none of this is the fault of the Z28. Dragging the Z28 name through the mud was the fault of the "old" GM. The new GM is much more serious about building cars for the enthusiast. Us! So when a new Z28 comes out I am sure it will be worthy of the name.

So while I am looking forward to my next Camaro, I will keep enjoying the Camaro I have. Happiness is planning for the future, but living in the moment. This took me years to learn, but learning is what life is is all about.

Back the the moment.

I am still having problems with wheel hop and the more knowledgable than me crowd has suggested Trailing Arm Outer bushings and a wheel alignment. that thread is here:

I bought the BMR OTA bushing and also the BMR front bushing kit all of which I plan to do myself when I can find the time. A shout out to Apex Chase, great Service. I already made one attempt at installation here:

I will try again.

Anyway I also bought the BMR Tunnel Brace to replace my stock brace with all the washers:

Since the local muffler shop tidied up my exhaust kludge and raised the cat-back I can now use the BMR brace with only a few washers. The BMR brace does provide a little additional clearance.

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