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Originally Posted by mike.nite View Post
congrats! According to your older posts the Magnaflow resonated X-Pipe seems to be the perfect fix!

Looking forward to hear your feedback after some more miles.
(Setups tend to get a lil louder with some more miles).
Still enjoying the sound. Yes, you are right it is a little louder. But still within reason and no drone!

It has a nice deep idle and wide open the car sings. I can hear some intake noise (a deep breathing sound) and the exhaust sounds sweet with none of that stock can blattiness. (New word, blat is the stock cat-back sound I was trying to describe earlier)

Now I am wondering, if I buy a 1LE do I use the same cat-back and LT system I have now or order the optional SS exhaust flaps? Option 1 will be at least $1,000 cheaper. I need to hear the new exhaust with LTs.
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