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Originally Posted by iHasCamaro View Post
Right, but additionally...

Stainless lines will not expand as much as rubber lines, and so has the same effect as pushing more fluid.
No amount of extra fluid will be used effectively if the plunger in the slave cylinder isn't long enough to actually move further.
If there is more pressure acting on the clutch, but the slave cylinder is being pushed back instead of pushing the clutch more due to rubber bushings, none of the fixes in regard to fluid flowing will be as effective as they could be.

I'm just trying to help the people with the problem. I don't know the Camaro well enough to know about the bushings, plunger, etc but I think it would be worth investigating. Seems like you are just dismissing the ideas without even checking them out.
Im not disagreeing with you and i'm not dismissing the ideas but i cant change the slave cylinder and the plunger isnt reaching its end of travel. if the plunger is reaching the end of its travel then you could shim it out to make up the difference. Trust me i've been through this this isnt a scheme to make money. I've wasted thousands trying to solve my grind issue.
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