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Originally Posted by jrrod6410 View Post
I love this idea, the master def needs to flow faster. Also another problem is the extremely long clutch pedal travel. If you're driving the car at high rpm's shifting it's very easy to not remove your foot off the clutch pedal completely which in turn overheats the fluid and throw-out bearing which melts the plastic sleeve on the slave cylinder and then the slave blows out! I'm on my 4th slave already.

If this master could be made adjustable also like the ones that Tick makes for other gm cars we would be able to shorten the pedal travel and still flow more volume of fluid and it would be alot easier to not ride the clutch pedal and overheat it and you can shift faster. Either that or make a better slave that can take the heat

I've installed the tick adjustable master on my GTO and it completely changed the vehicle. Clutch travel is at about 50% from stock and since it flows more with less travel no more grinding gears and you can shift alot faster.

But either way i would be interested in ANYTHING that would make shifting easier at high rpm. My tranny has grinded second since day one. I've also had the sticking clutch pedal at high rpm launches since day one. The Lingenfelter return spring kit eliminated that problem though.

So yeah add me to the list. I'm def interested
Thats why Tick hasn't come out with anything yet. they are trying to make one thats adjustable in my opinion. I dont know them or have heard from them. the problem is the clutch pedal has a sensor on it and using an adjustable master cylinder must create some kind of problem .

i'll have more details on mine next week, so everyone hang tight and maybe we can solve this
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