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Hi Paul! Good documentation on the Orange Vert oil change. There is always a great possibility that small metal fragments will be in the pan after assembly, especially with a cast pan such as these. If you have any concern at all you can go to a Caterpillar or "John Deere" store and go to their parts counter and procure an oil sampling kit. I did it and it cost me about 20.00 to send in the transmission oil sample. They will email you back the test results of the oil assay. It will tell you exactly what it is you are looking at. It is cheap insurance and a great tool for discovering early engine wear.

I had a brand new Ford E-350 ambulance with a 7.2 diesel making abnormal valvetrain noise and as it turned out the cam had gone flat and the cam followers/roller tappets were flattened out and shaving steel bits into the engine. Ford warranted the $10,000 engine without any cost to me. So needless to say I am a huge supporter of oil assays for engines, transmissions (stick and auto) and Rear differentials.

I just did a couple of mods on Orange Krate that I did DIY's on and I am going to do another real soon for a throttle body install.

I wish you and your wife a wonderful fun filled spring full of many rides of leisure! Be safe!

Jim E.
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Simi Valley, CA
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